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Since 2010, Tecnopan holds the patent for the application of thixotropic polyurethane foam seals on its panels.

Using advanced foam-making equipment, the seal is poured directly on the perimeter of the panels in a continuous manner, avoiding the presence of any junction points which could undermine the integrity of the seal. Thanks to this process, such an application allows a perfect and durable adhesion between the seal and the panel surface, remaining performant even during thermal fluctuations.

During the polymerization phase, the material creates an external thin layer which eliminates open cells on the surface of the seal, creating an excellent anti-leak barrier. Furthermore, the seals supplied with the panel are made of a non-toxic polyurethane material with a specific regard for the environment, since it does not contains any chlorofluorocarbons or any of the other physical expanding agents that are instead often present as a component of commercially available seals. With these innovations, it is no longer necessary to apply seals to the frames by hand.


Therefore, the product offers a wide range of benefits: